The MSK Leadership and Life Coaching Program (LLCP) empowers and equips women in all life stages to ascend to leadership roles in their careers and communities.

Women continue to lag in leadership in most arenas. Despite studies by McKinsey, Catalyst, and others confirming the correlation of women executives to higher company performance, only 15% of Fortune 500 company board members are women. Although many factors impact women’s leadership at work, a McKinsey’s Centered Leadership research found that many have self-limiting beliefs holding them back. In addition to helping participants set goals and assess their life path, LLCP helps them reframe defeatist attitudes.

The role of women as community leaders is equally as important. Dr. Paulette Meikle of Delta State University states that, “women have the ability to initiate local action projects which will reshape the destiny of their communities.” But obstacles she feels hold women back include lack of leadership skills, empowerment, and cohesion among women. LLCP is a nine-month program designed to address these issues through group and individual coaching and peer mentoring.


  • Living an Authentic Life
  • Beginning The Journey (Self-Awareness)
  • Personal Mastery (Self Improvement)
  • Purpose Mastery (Self-Directedness)
  • Change Mastery (Discovery-Fulfillment)
  • Interpersonal Mastery (Destiny)
  • “Connecting, Transforming, Becoming”
  • Action Mastery (Accountability & Commitment)
  • Enjoying the Journey (Reflection & Next Steps)
  • “Sister to Sister Sharing”

Between meetings, participants receive private one-on-one coaching and individualized assessments. Satisfaction is measured in 10 critical areas: spiritual life, marriage/single life, family and children, work, church/ministry, financial stewardship, physical stewardship, personal development, social stewardship, and recreation and hobbies. The DISC personality test is administered along with other tools to help identify strengths and preferences. From the results of this work, an Individual Growth Plan with tasks and action steps is created.Each woman is paired with a fellow participant for peer mentoring and ongoing support.

As part of completing this program, women ages 25 and older can apply for MSK’s Margaret G. Baker Second Chance Award, which provides scholarships to women furthering their education, changing careers, or re-entering the work force. MSK has graduated 6 leadership focus groups to date. The majority of participants to date are between 35 and 55 years old. Most have at least some college; the majority of those have completed at least a bachelor’s degree. Careers include professional occupations, administration, sales, medical, and self-employment.

The capstone event is a two-day retreat. During the retreat, participants complete a series of life purpose exercises to clarify motivational gifts, values, personality traits and to assist in the development of life messages. Each woman is carefully guided through a comprehensive self-discovery process that culminates in the development of a life purpose statement. At the end of the program, a graduation and awards ceremony is held.

Community Service

As a part of the coaching program each participant is  required to volunteer 8 to 10 hours during the program year. The participant can choose to share this experience with their peer, as a group community service project or individually.


The Leadership and Life Coaching program runs from September through May of each calendar year. Open enrollment season is March 1st through June 30th. Applicants ages 25 and above are eligible to apply.

Upon receipt of the completed application packet, selections will be based upon predetermined criteria. Among the criteria: (1) completed application; (2) $50 application fee; (3) two completed reference forms (4) an interview.

Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable) 

Tuition breakdown: 

  • $1000 Core Program Fee that includes 9 months of a 3 Tiered Coaching Model: 8 face to face group coaching sessions, 9 individual coaching sessions, and 9 peer accountability sessions, Focus Group Orientation, 3 Books, 2 Assessments, and Other Program Costs (Facilities, binders, supplies, refreshments).
  • $500 MSK Focus Group Retreat* (3 day; 2 night stay at a resort/hotel within a 2-4 hour driving distance)
  • Tuition Must Be Paid In Full 2 Weeks Before Program Begins

Location of retreat is announced after acceptance into the program. Each individual woman is responsible for her transportation to the MSK Focus Group Retreat. Two meals are included in the retreat. All other meals are the responsibility of the individual.